Von der Insel German Shepherds Puppy Purchase Contract

 This agreement is made, and hereby entered into, on this _____________ day of
_____________, 20_____ by and between Jennifer Colton (hereafter referred to as
“Seller”), and

___________________________ (hereafter referred to as “Buyer”), for the purpose
Of setting forth the terms and conditions of the purchase by the Buyer of a purebred
German Shepherd.

Buyer: ___________________________ Date: ______________________________

Address: __________________________ City: _____________________________

State: ____________________________ Zip: ______________________________

Home Phone: ______________________ Work Phone: _______________________

E-Mail: ________________________________

Quality of Pup: Show/Pet (circle one) (Pet Quality pups do not receive registration papers)

Sex of Puppy: Male/Female (circle one)

Purchase Price: ____$2500__________  

Deposit Amount: $ _$500.00__ (nonrefundable, transferable to another litter only

Balance Due at 8 weeks of age: _______$2000____________________

Congratulations on your new puppy!!!!  This litter was bred with the intent to better the German Shepherd breed. Though nonrefundable, any deposit paid shall remain valid indefinitely. If for any reason there are not enough pups born or the sex or color pup is not available your deposit will be transferred to the next available litter or litter of your choice. As breeders, it is our hope that you will take exceptional care of this puppy through its entire life. This means providing socialization, medical, proper nutritional, physical needs as necessary, treating your dog as part of your family, and giving it lots of love for the remainder of its life. It is further recommended that all pet quality pups be neutered or spayed at the age of 18 months. All pet quality puppies are not sold with AKC papers.  We do not sell our pets for breeding. If for any reason you are unable to keep this puppy please contact us first.
Remember that environment and how it is raised has a tremendous impact on how the puppy will turn out. It is important that all German Shepherds get obedience training at an early age.

This is a binding contract with the purpose to protect both Seller, Buyer, and the puppy.

Seller certifies that said puppy is in good health to the best of Seller’s knowledge.

Buyer has 72 hours after purchase to take puppy to veterinarian. If upon examination the veterinarian finds that said puppy is not in good health, the buyer must notify the Seller within 24 hours. Buyer shall return the puppy to the Seller with all of the veterinarian documentations. Seller shall replace said puppy with another puppy of equal value as soon as one is available. Buyer is responsible for all shipping cost. Seller has no obligation to reimburse Buyer for any costs incurred, i.e., medical, shipping, crate, etc.

Seller guarantees that Show/Breeding Quality Pups will have Registration for Show/Breeding Purposes. Pet Quality puppies will not have AKC registration. 

The Buyer agrees the any and all transportation cost, to and/or from the Seller’s premises, will be at the cost and sole responsibility of the buyer. 

The Buyer agrees to maintain preventative health care of puppy including, but not limited to: inoculations, internal as well as external parasites, heartworm preventative medication.

The Buyer agrees to maintain preventative care of the puppy in regards to hip dysplasia, such as proper nutrition being FROMM Gold, Acana Dog Food or other High Quality Premium Dog Food, proper exercise, and preventing stress injuries (i.e. not allowing the puppy to jump from heights taller than itself at the shoulder, no forced exercise such as running, until at least 12 months of age.)

Only after the full amount of the agreed upon amount is paid, which is due at 8 weeks of age upon pickup, may the puppy be removed from the Sellers premises. If the balance is left unpaid this agreement shall be canceled at the Sellers option and Buyer shall forfeit the deposit given hereunder. Under no circumstance will any deposit be refunded.

This agreement is made and signed by both parties to insure the well being and protection of this animal. If any part of this agreement is breached, the Seller is released from any further obligation hereunder.

Should the Seller need to seek legal action against the Buyer for violations of this agreement, the Buyer will assume any and all attorney costs and court fees.


If the puppy is being sold as PET quality, the Buyer agrees to have the puppy spayed/neutered by the time it is of at least 2 years of age. 

Pet Quality puppies will not receive AKC registration papers. 

In the case of Hip Dysplasia diagnosed by OFA ratings of Borderline/Mild will result in a replacement pup at 1/2 the cost of a replacement pup. Severe ratings will result in replacement pup from a litter of sellers choice being as good as or better quality. Shipping will be at buyers expense. Proof of neuter/spay, along with copy of diagnosis by board certified orthopedic veterinary specialist, must be sent certified to seller before replacement is given. There are no exceptions.

Said puppy is guaranteed not to have any disqualifying faults according to the American Kennel Club (AKC) standard. If said puppy is disqualified from an AKC conformation ring by two different judges and proof of such disqualification is presented to Seller, said puppy shall be replaced with another show quality puppy. Said puppy is also guaranteed to qualify and receive an orthopedic foundation for animal’s certificate of “fair” or better after presentation of the required x-rays that shall be provided by the Buyer at the age if 24 months. Should said puppy be denied such certificate due to canine hip dysplasia Seller shall replace said puppy/dog with another show quality puppy. Buyer shall sign dogs AKC papers back over to Seller before a replacement will be made by Seller.
This prevents said puppy/dog from being used for breeding, but does not limit said dogs use as a pet/companion. Buyer shall spay/neuter said puppy/dog and SHALL NOT breed this puppy/dog. Buyer shall keep both dogs or return dogs to Seller.

In case of show quality in regards to hip dysplasia, a second opinion shall be sought by Buyer prior to replacement of puppy/dog. The second must be by a specialist in the field of canine hip evaluation. Seller reserves the right to have Sellers specialist review all documentation including x-rays and full medical records.

The Buyer agrees NOT to start Schutzhund Bite/Protection Training of this animal,
Until it has reached a minimum of 8 months of age. (Thus allowing the animal the physical as well as mental maturity level not to harm or damage the animal. The Buyer agrees that he/she is not acting as or in part of, an agent in the purchase of this puppy and that the Buyer will not sell this puppy or any of it’s progeny to any agent, pet, store, or guard dog business.

It must be pointed out that schutzhund training, police training, obedience training, protection training, tracking, etc. are just that – training. No dog can just walk on the field and to these things. They must be trained, and trained correctly. We can sell you a dog with a good potential to do these things, but it is up to you to develop this potentials in your puppy. We would also like to point out that there are a lot of good dog trainers in the world, however, there are as many bad trainers as well. Choose your trainer very carefully!!!! There are some that use harsh and unproductive punishment methods to training dogs. Don’t do anything crazy to your dog no matter who tells you to do it!! We
will be more then happy to help you with training ideas or good people to train with.

The Buyer agrees that should it be necessary to sell or otherwise place this puppy/dog, the seller has first refusal to take back and re-home the pup/dog. No money will be refunded for this.

The Buyer agrees that the Seller may repossess the animal upon evidence of neglect and/or abuse at no expense to the Seller, and no refund and any monies.

The Buyer agrees that the puppy will NOT be left alone in the backyard or kennel only. The Buyer agrees the puppy will reside at the home of the buyer, and not be chained or “tied out”. This animal is sold with the understanding that it was to go to select homes, socialized properly, and become a member of the family.

Buyer agrees to release an hold harmless Seller for any and all liability, damages, or injuries, caused either directly or indirectly by puppy to any person, animal, whether actual or legal, or in any property whether real or personal. Further more, Buyer assumes full liability for any damages or injuries, whether physical or mental, emotional or economic, caused by puppy, to a person whether actual or legal, or to any property, whether real or personal, after receiving and acknowledging deliver and possession of puppy.

Seller reserves the right to refuse replacement of any dog returned for faulty temperament or hip dysplasia, if Seller deems that such was due to Buyer’s negligence or abuse.

The Buyer agrees that this animal will not be used for breeding purposes until at least 24 months of age to another German Shepherd (which must meet the following criteria as well) either registered with the AKC or other certified dog registry  and only after it has passes the following proof thereof:

1) OFA certification for hips.

2) Current negative Brucellosis report from veterinarian.

3) All inoculations and worming up to date.
Should the Buyer breed the animal before ALL the requirements listed in this section are met, the Buyer acknowledges the Seller’s right to execute their right to possess the animal that this contract pertains to. If the animal in question is a bitch, the Seller may also repossess any and all offspring derived from the breeding in question. Here will be NO refund and any monies paid and will be left to Seller’s discretion as to the placement of the animal and any of its offspring.

There shall be no refund of purchase price for said puppy nor will a puppy of greater value be given as a replacement. This guarantee must be presented as proof/amount of purchase and/or quality of puppy at any time a request is being made for replacement. The original price of said puppy may be applied to another of greater value with the difference being paid by the Buyer.

If a show quality male is purchased, Seller reserves the right to breed any female owned or co-owned by the Seller to said male at no charge after he has reached 2 years of age and has had the following:

1) OFA certification for hips.

2) Current negative brucellosis report from veterinarian.

3) ALL inoculations and worming up to date.

This contract shall be deemed a legal and binding agreement between Seller and Buyer and is under the jurisdiction of the state of Massachusetts.
It is further agreed that should any dispute/arbitration between Seller and Buyer regarding said puppy/dog occur that the legal venue shall be the county of Barnstable,MA.

I/We the Buyer, certify that I/We have read the forgoing contract, understand contents and I/We hereby agree.

Buyer ______________________________ Date _____________________________

Seller ______________________________ Date _____________________________

Both Seller and Buyer shall receive a signed contract.

Reservations are accepted in order of receipt of (2) signed copies of this contract and a $500 deposit.

Upon receipt of contracts (2 copies) signed by Buyer, Seller shall sign both copies and mail (1) back to Buyer.