We are a small family owned breeding and training German Shepherd kennel, dedicated to the continuation and improvement of select bloodlines of German Shepherd dog for work, show, and protection. Our aim is to promote the total GSD, both in structure and temperament.  
As a German Shepherd breeder, we carefully choose our world class bloodlines - based on research and experience with this wonderful breed. In our kennel, we only breed dogs with certified healthy hips, excellent health, and great temperament. For each of our breedings we find the best partner for our dogs - according to bloodlines, health, structure, and working ability. There are always specific goals for every breeding at Von der Insel.

The German Shepherd Dog is the most popular breed in the world, famous for its intelligence, devotion to its owner, and guardian instincts. Being a German Shepherd Dog breeder is a huge responsibility, because the expectations are so high. At Von der Insel Shepherds we know German Shepherd Dogs, it is our calling and profession, and we are delighted to share this with you. Our puppies are born in our home, and we love to spend time with them and socialize them extensively with our 3 children. We hope that you enjoy browsing our web site, and if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

There are several distinct types of German Shepherd Dog in the modern world. Here is why we prefer, and strongly recommend the original - German:

Every breeding German Shepherd Dog in Germany has to have certified healthy hips.
Every breeding German Shepherd Dog in Germany has to have a Schutzhund or Herding title that assures sound working temperament.
Prior to getting a Schutzhund title, every dog must pass a Temperament Test (BH) - a test to verify stable temperament among strangers and traffic, and an obedience test.
Every breeding German Shepherd Dog in Germany has to pass an Endurance Test (AD), which includes a 12 mile marathon and obedience test.
Every breeding dog has to have a Körung evaluation - where the dog's temperament and structure are thoroughly examined. Körung also includes a courage test.
Every dog that is awarded a “V” (Excellent) rating at a show must meet all of the requirements described above and pass a courage test at the show.
To get a VA rating (Excellent Select) the dog must meet all of the above requirements plus must have at least a SchH 2 title and posses outstanding structure. The VA rating is only awarded at the Sieger Show (a yearly national or world championship) where hundreds of German Shepherds compete.
All of these strict requirements have been applied for many generations of dogs by German Shepherd breeders in Germany.
Most of the World’s best and winning dogs are in or from Germany.