If you are interested in a Von der Insel German Shepherd please fill out the pre-purchase questionnaire to the right.

Check puppies page for litter announcements and information and follow us on Instagram @ vonderinselgsd or on Facebook at Refined Canine to see photos and albums of the dogs! 

               Upcoming Breedings: 

We have a breeding scheduled for November 2021 with Lettie and Panzer. This will be the last breeding for the year 2022.  Please see the puppies page for current availability as we are already accepting deposits for this litter. 

If interested in reserving a pup please fill out the questionnaire in top right corner.

 Reservations for these litters now being accepted. Pups are not held without a deposit and puppies are reserved in order of deposit received..1st pick=1st deposit, 2nd Pick=2nd deposit..etc..