We start creating our list for owners of our puppies as soon as the breeding takes place. You may put your name on a waiting list and deposits are accepted at any time to secure your pick of pup.

* Puppies will not be held without a $400 deposit. All deposits are non refundable but transferable to another litter. Puppies are priced at $1800*

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      "K" Litter Von der Insel born December 18, 2020

Looking forward to a second litter from Lettie x Panzer! This litter will be an excellent mix of Czech and West German lines. Previous litter produced excellent temperaments and outstanding, fast training pups. These pups will be perfect for active family's. We will have solid black, black/red and black/tan pups. 

                                       * Litter is reserved *

     Males                               Females                       

1.Tyler C.                               1. Danielle M

2. Daniel M.                           2. Kerry D.

3. Scott T.                              3. Mathew R.

4. Pauline A.                          4. Joe H.


         "M" Litter Von der Insel Due February 6th!!

 Nauzy has been bred to Panzer. This will be Nauzys last litter and she has produced outstanding puppies! Pups will be excellent active family dogs. They will be solid black and black/red.  Deposits are $400 and pups are priced at $1800. 

Males                                                                                                   Females

1. Lauren F.                                                                                   1. James C.

2. Gore Family                                                                             2. Miriam G.

3. Rita G.                                                                                        3. Amanda N.

4.                                                                                                       4. Sue E.

                                                                                                             5. Jaci B.

                                                                                                                     6. Cameron W.